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Samick Guitar Serial Numbers

Samick Guitar Serial Numbers
Top questions and answers about Samick-Guitar-Serial-Numbers.
questions and answers about Samick-Guitar-Serial-Numbers at

The serial numbers on mine is a "stick on"
label bearing the serial number. Down further on behind the headstock is a metal decal (under the clear coat) indicating "Made in Korea".

It is possible that if it does not have the "stick on serial number", then
someone might have removed it by intention or by mistake.


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This is a real gem.  For those of you unfamiliar with the name Samick, they are one of the largest manufactures of guitars in the world.  If you own a guitar made in Korea the odds are it was made by Samick, regardless of the name on the guitar.  They also have factories in several other eastern countries (but not China).  In fact, if you own a Korean Epiphone Les Paul... well, you get the idea.